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Air Conditioning

T-Fuscon technology covers the full spectrum of home air-conditioning needs, from sales to post warranty service. We specialise in troubleshooting and maintaining all kinds of air-conditioning equipments viz chillers, ductable, split, windows, casette and tower ACs.

Response time and customer satisfaction are our forte - periodic maintenance activities are well planned, the team responds to breakdown maintenance calls within 2 hours and ensures swift resolution. Rain or shine we show up and fix things for good.


How long does T-Fuscon take for Installation ?

What differs between window and split AC installation ?

Window ACs, in general require minor alterations on window sills and walls, split ACs on the other hand need a provision for indoor and outdoor mounting, a small wall opening for the copper pipes and electric cables. Distance between outdoor and indoor unit also affects possibilities and may vary installation costs.

What do i do when there is damp and foul smell from my AC ?

Fouls smell and lack of cooling are indications of clogged air filters. Filters need regular maintenance and would affect air quality to a great extent. Reach out to us for cleaning and general check up of your AC.

How often should my refrigerant gas be topped up ?

It depends both on usage and time elapsed. In general we advise our residential clients to top up R32 ref gas once in year and once in 6 months for commercial users.